New Life Christian Church (NLCC)

SYSTEM USE AND Non-DisclOsure Agreement (R2.0)

Confidential Information is:

  • names, addresses, contact details and all other personal information (including medical or behavioural information) stored in NLCC Systems (or paper based filing) in respect of NLCC and its members, event attendees, Leaders or Trustees;
  • all information that has been provided to me by an NLCC member, Leader or Trustee that is communicated as being sensitive or confidential or that would reasonably be considered as confidential in nature;
  • all information concerning NLCC its Leaders, Trustees and members that is not generally known to the public; and
  • all information concerning access to NLCC Systems and data, including user names and passwords. 

As a user of NLCC Systems and/or having access to Confidential Information I agree:

  1. to keep confidential the Confidential Information of which I am aware and not to disclose, share, copy, or otherwise discuss or make it available in any form to any person, except to a Leader or Trustee of NLCC who has a need to know that Confidential Information;
  2. to ensure Confidential Information that is printed is kept safe and secure at all times and to securely destroy it when no longer needed (e.g. by cross cut shredding);
  3. to keep my log on information and passwords for all NLCC Systems confidential, and not to disclose or share these with others;
  4. to refrain from using Confidential Information in any way that could harm NLCC or its members, event participants, Leaders or Trustees;
  5. to report immediately to a Leader or Trustee any contact from an NLCC member or a third party concerning an unauthorised disclosure, or a request for disclosure of NLCC Confidential Information;
  6. to report immediately to a Leader or Trustee any loss (or suspected loss) or disclosure (accidental or otherwise) of Confidential Information;
  7. to only use the NLCC Systems for NLCC matters as directed and approved by an NLCC Leader or Trustee;
  8. to only publish messages and content using NLCC Systems that have been approved by a Leader or Trustee; and
  9. to use NLCC Systems strictly in accordance with the NLCC Acceptable Use Policy.

NLCC Systems include: the church website, member database, text messaging, WhatsApp groups, email messaging, social media groups and sites, and all other systems (electronic or paper based) used for NLCC administration, publicity and communications.

Leaders and Trustees are respectively the appointed leaders of New Life Christian Church and its key ministries (e.g. Kids Church, Youth),  and the trustees of the New Life Christian Church Trust (

I understand that my misuse of Confidential Information or NLCC Systems, including my disclosure of Confidential Information to others might cause serious legal issues for NLCC, may cause me to violate various laws to which I am individually subject, and may subject me to disciplinary action by NLCC including, removal from a particular role or responsibility, or the termination of my church membership.

I understand and accept the terms of this System Use and Non-Disclosure Agreement and by pressing 'Send' below I confirm I will abide by them at all times
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