Saturday school: discovering intelligent design

When it comes to the public discussion of science, does the evidence oppose or support a belief in God? Discovering intelligent design is a two-day course that will introduce you to scientific evidence pointing to a great intelligence behind it all, helping you engage with others who assume that modern science makes faith untenable.

This course, presented by Alistair McKitterick from Moorlands College challenges Darwin’s view of life as it’s often presented in education and the media, by showing that the best explanation for life, the universe and everything is found in God. This course is well-suited to science students at GCSE level and above; Christians keen to build a more robust defence of their faith; and anyone questioning the compatibility between science and Christianity.

Course content

Day 1, Saturday 24 February 

Introducing intelligent design
Cosmic design
Complexity of life

Day 2, Saturday 3 March 

Tree of life
Human descent
Q&A session

Free tea and coffee will be available on both days, and you’re welcome to bring your own lunch. Alternatively, New Life Church will be offering a buffet lunch for £5 per person each day. (Sorry, the church are unable to cater for people with food intolerances.)


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